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  • A Little About Us
    The Story of Brittany & Matt
  • The First Date
    When Matt Met Brittany
  • The Way Ahead
    Starting Our Lives Together

How it all started

On the 2nd try

The first time we talked the timing wasn’t right. Our friends Cindy and Danny Foust tried to set us up but it just didn’t work out. A few months later Matt saw me at Walmart and sent me a text asking if that was me (and Me being in a terrible mood from the worst haircut in the world) was super rude to Matt.

A few months later I had a dream about Matt and spent most of the next day feeling really guilty about being so rude the months before so I texted him to apologize. We struck up a conversation and I invited him to a wedding as my date. He suggested we go on a date before the wedding just to make sure I’d really want to go with him. So our first date was April 5, 2019 and we have been together ever since.

How we met

The First Date

The Blackhorse… where else do you go

April 5, 2019. Matt picked me up at my house. He thought I was super tall because he didn’t realize I was wearing high heeled booties. We went to Blackhorse and ate dinner. Afterward we decided to go to the City Forum and play mini golf. I started out beating him and even got my first hole in one but then Matt made a comeback and annihilated me. When we finished playing mini golf I didn’t want to go home yet so we drove around for a couple of hours and talked and got to know each other.

“Everything began with a prayer and a dream. God’s timing is always perfect. “

The Bride

The First Kiss

Her front porch. She was the aggressor and Matt had to burp at the wrong time.

April 5, 2019 the same night as our first date. When Matt dropped me off he walked me to my front door. The combination of Blackhorse and drinks made Matt have the burps, unbeknownst to me. I did the typical fidgeting with my keys to wait for Matt to make the first move and when he didn’t, I went for it.

The Proposal

Out of nowhere he got
down on one knee.

A few weeks before the proposal happened a couple of my girlfriends made me think that Matt was going to propose on a last minute lake trip that we went on with our friends. The whole weekend I was waiting for it to happen and when it didn’t I was in a FOUL mood the whole trip home.

Tybee Island, GA. September 4, 2020. Matt and I went on a last minute trip to the beach for Labor Day weekend. The whole drive there Matt’s stomach was upset. I thought it was because of the Wendy’s we ate for breakfast and the gas station food for lunch. He even dropped a hint about getting married and I got quiet because I didn’t want to get my hopes up thinking it might happen that weekend like I did with the lake weekend.

We’re Saying Yes

We’re finally tying the knot October 2021

We got to the house and unloaded our stuff and made a beeline for the beach. After sitting out there for a while watching the waves Matt said he needed to run back to the house and asked if I would be ok by myself. I told him I was fine and a couple of minutes later he came back. He asked if my girlfriends had made me think he was going to propose while we were at the beach and I told him no that they hadn’t said anything. He responded with “well they would have been right” and got down on one knee right there on the beach. After whispering “yes” about ten times I finally said it loud enough that he could hear it. At that moment a couple of dolphins jumped out of the water playing right in front of us and I took that as a sign that our loved ones in Heaven saw the proposal and were happy for us.

We’re tying the Knot